Gossip VIP@ 10:20am 12-05-2021
I am a gossip enthusiast and I collected the latest news on people known in Italy and in the rest of the world. The best section is about George Clooney where is described a new activity of this famous actor.
www@ 10:59pm 09-22-2015
Crickettes are all lieing peace of shit don't believe the shit that comes out there mouth
dancer@ 4:50pm 04-28-2014
is this page up to date or old?
emily@ 7:32pm 10-08-2013
i think escarda from ndto there dancer will get it shes amazing x
lou@ 7:12pm 10-08-2013
so whos up for doty in ndto this year any good ones ?
whos up for it in lmdo ?
Andrzej@ 2:16pm 10-04-2013
Super strona, bardzo dużo ciekawych informacji, na pewno jeszcze tu wrócę
Liverbirds@ 1:44pm 10-01-2013
Are fab. Love them girls. Always up for a laugh and dont take themselves too seriously
hi@ 10:53pm 07-10-2013
how come no body writes on here any more ??
JOAN@ 1:59am 05-24-2013
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is this not a morris@ 12:34pm 03-27-2013
dancing site nomore??????????????????????? WTF
me@ 7:49pm 03-24-2013
what the hell is going on on this page!
me@ 4:47pm 02-20-2013
oh, go away!
suey@ 9:11pm 01-28-2013
oh yes..i would love the spell caster for all the jelous bitches out there..wher would u start girls???
No@ 10:58am 11-18-2012
chance of a senior challenge. Anne was accused of so much after the last, there's no reason for her to even consider it.
Is@ 7:19pm 11-12-2012
There going to be a senior challenge this year ?

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