IT’S A FACT!!@ 8:05pm 09-24-2012
P/B are by far the best Troup in the Junior Section: If the E.T.A.C.C.O. judges had been doing their JOBS properly? They would by now be impossible to catch. The results lately have been a joke IT’S A FACT!!
Terri@ 2:20pm 09-24-2012
Looking back on the posts, I reckon EVERY BABY/TOT should get a marching medal (sshhh!!!), all in all there are NO MORE than 20 bubs (cost less than 20.00quid and all the littlies will be happy..........oh well xoxoxox lets see!! (for 1.00pound each just to see thier little faces - magic
Terri@ 1:25pm 09-24-2012
What teams danced at ELMO yesterday, which Seniors please - thanks
Spec@ 8:34pm 09-23-2012
Popped along to ELMO org today to have a nose and must say I was surprisingly impressed! Some strong competition in Senior sections!
lea@ 7:32pm 09-23-2012
get in pb juniors!!!!!!!
look@ 3:44pm 09-18-2012
Looking for new dancers
well said@ 8:14am 09-12-2012
i agre.
i agre@ 10:34pm 09-11-2012
pb jnrs are living on there junior troupes that won everything they cant grasp they are not outright winners week in and out any more, stand back and take a good look at them for goodness sake, im sick of reading thay should have won on sunday
are u jokin@ 6:51pm 09-11-2012
pb juniors are awful at the moment to me orcadia and hf far better standard are you bigging yourselfs up again?
behave@ 9:06pm 09-10-2012
yaself love they lost coz 2 teams were better end of.
Travesty:@ 7:21pm 09-10-2012
P/B juniors were by far the best troupe at Robin-Park yet loose by 3 points? Should have been the CLEAR WINNERS
well@ 10:56pm 09-09-2012
done all troupes today at ettaco you all deserved your wins
ettaco champs@ 8:51pm 09-09-2012
platnum babies hf, dinkies hf/pb tinies hf,juniors hf and seniors ap
Yes@ 7:52pm 09-09-2012
it is a shame on PB Senior 2. They should be allowed a chance in the diamond section.
bring on the@ 2:59pm 09-05-2012
champs at ettaco this week good luck everyone dancing and lets have a fab friendly champs and all support each other whether were winners or lossers

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