It’s a Shame:@ 2:02pm 09-05-2012
P/B Seniors 2 have to dance in the platinum section instead of the diamond section because 2 of their girls danced in the Platinum Section earlier in the year. Although Coppull Seniors this season have sometimes been winning by 8 to 10 points they are still in the diamond section. I wonder WHY?
my heart went@ 8:30pm 09-04-2012
out to orcadia juniors wen the girl got sick and had to go off they wer avin a blinder. Hope she is ok x
henry@ 7:08pm 09-04-2012
hope all my friends at ett welcome my friends haydock on sunday buzzing there jun got 3rd
Joanne@ 10:00pm 09-03-2012
I agree Hagfold babies are really really good and the trainer deserves a lot of credit to get such youngsters doing it together and right. All babies are fab and i love watching the competition. Just think it was very poor of someone to criticize a marching competition winner and it made me angry!
Changing the subject - 3 more comps till Etacco weekend - hope everyones looking forward to it! (or is it just the end of season were looking forward to?)
keep@ 3:22pm 09-03-2012
hagfold out of this please
is that aimed@ 2:13pm 09-03-2012
at hf joanne? well not all our babies are 6 there just good and learn to dance together no matter what there age is because they have a bloody fab trainer and were lucky to have such a good babies again this season.
Spectator @ 1:06pm 09-03-2012
Enjoyed Haydock yesterday especially juniors well done girls
Cath Dalton @ 11:03pm 09-02-2012
Our 3 year old won the marching comp today and a 2 year old baby won it a few weeks ago feel free to tell them they didnt deserve it abd I'm sure they'll refund your 20p -
Joanne@ 11:02pm 09-02-2012
The baby section is just that - they range from 2 to 6 - obviously the 6yr olds are going to be well better than the 2's and you cant have just the old ones winning the marchy each week otherwise what's the point? And i understand the comment about having a tots and a babies but unfortunately, not all teams have that many girls and have got the 2-3 year olds in the main team. And then if you were to say have a tots and a babies marchy - you need to then have all the diamond sections having their own etc etc and the day just isnt long enough!
susan pb trainer@ 10:48pm 09-02-2012
OMG all this talk and fuss over the baby section???!!!
Let them ALL just enjoy their dancing! It shouldn't be so serious at such a young age - its bad enough when they get to tinies/juniors.
But yet again it wont be the girls moaning its the parents....if you're that disatisfied with Etacco either come to the AGM in October and voice your opinions in the correct manner OR LEAVE MORRIS ALL TOGETHER!
well why @ 10:41pm 09-02-2012
dont you ask shirley do a babies and tots section if your bothered about 3 and 6 year olds dancing gether,
i dont think@ 10:35pm 09-02-2012
she was being mean but i do get were she is coming from the babies and dinkie marching does seem a bit of a farce a marching comp is supposed to be the best marcher of that section isnt it? and it does seem that there not even looking and picking anyone but its same in all of the marching comps really always be the same, i personally do think its favouritism a lot of the time and you say how about the age gap well do a tots and a babies marching after all the medals are only 30p but ettaco are to skinny do that arnt they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly pb @ 10:25pm 09-02-2012
Ha lea they wnt call any baby of pb r matter of fact any baby anymore hope they get named n shamed computer warrior r ebs deserved hers and so did izzy just like all babies do.
Joanne@ 10:25pm 09-02-2012
I think its ridiculous to criticise the baby marching competition and if thats all you can complain about then Etacco must have done ok today! I dont see anyone complaining over the actual baby competition where 2 and 3 year olds are dancing against 6 year olds that quite frankly should be moved up regardless of age as their too good and no one stands a chance! huff.
Julie girl@ 10:23pm 09-02-2012
Here here girl you go Isabel best disciplined child I know xxx shame about the mother who's trying to cause trouble needs to take a leap out off Isabel's boots and get use to seeing it cause she will be winning more.

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