lea@ 10:17pm 09-02-2012
well sed kelly!!!!! wonder if they called ebony wen she won
Kelly pb@ 10:12pm 09-02-2012
Well done to r baby Isabel on winning marching comp cnt believe complaint over a two year like someone commented how do u judge a two year old to a 6 year old it is all about learning in the babies and Dinkies and enjoying it some people need to get a life and I have put my name y have they not !!!!well I just wanna say let's hope my lil babies continue to enjoy and win there lil marching medals .
lea@ 9:13pm 09-02-2012
who ever sed the baby marchin was a baby contest sorry ya WRONG cause my baby didnt win!!!!!!!!!!! AND if it was she would ave walked it...ya saddo!!!
Nik@ 9:02pm 09-02-2012
Please could somebody post the full junior n senior results please. I had to leave before the results. Thank u xx
.....@ 8:39pm 09-02-2012
Takin time out to criticise a 2 year old winning a marching medal. The little girl was made up wen she won. Get a life and let the little one enjoy her win. In future if you've got so much time to play with I've got a pile of ironing you could make a start on.!!!!!!!!
how pathetic@ 8:21pm 09-02-2012
to criticise a baby section, the marching comps are for fun and if the 'best; win every week it would be totally unfair, after all, how can you compare a 2 year ol with a 6 year old ?.
henry@ 8:19pm 09-02-2012
moaning bout babies get over yaself
Dear etacco@ 6:02pm 09-02-2012
I'm a little confused, when all the babies stand in a big square, and march this a marching comp, or a cutest baby contest?? I'm thinking the latter due to the girls that got the medals today didn't even attempt to march!!! Shame on you, next time can you explain the the lovely baby dancers that try really hard, why the tiny 2 year olds, that skip around deserve it more!!
to just me@ 8:10pm 08-27-2012
hahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!
just me@ 8:18pm 08-22-2012
i must agree with pb being cyrils fav she prooved that last year on one paticular section
ettaco@ 7:09pm 08-19-2012
results hf babies dinkies tinies, juniors orcadia and seniors ap, diamond results dinkies tinies and juniors carlton.
It's Time@ 5:48pm 08-18-2012
It was sorted ETACCO cards remind me of an Old Guessing Game think of a number:
Rosie@ 12:04pm 08-18-2012
Bill Judge: 10 out of 10
Ian: 10 out of 10.
The rest??
i agree@ 12:00pm 08-16-2012
ettaco need new judges, i know if josie is on then orcadia will be in top 3, same with cyril and hagfold and linda with pb, anyone that disagrees with that is talking rubbish you know it goes on and you all complain but nothing gets done
Rosie@ 9:30pm 08-13-2012
[Range of 8 Points] Wat sort of Judging is this?

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