Really enjoyed@ 6:50pm 05-29-2012
Etacco on Sunday, well done to all girls who danced in that heat
looks like@ 11:13pm 05-28-2012
HF having a good season. I have not seen any of their troupes this season - what are they like? what music do they dance too
ettaco results@ 7:22pm 05-27-2012
babies hf ,dinkies hf ,tinies tie hf/pb,juniors hf,seniors hf diamond section dinkies hf twinkies no tinies in this section, juniors hf stars and seniors copull leaders babies hf dinkies tie hf/pb tinies hf juniors? seniors tie hf,ap,pb and diamond section dinkies hf no tinies juniors ? seniors ?
any results@ 6:42pm 05-27-2012
from etacco today please
Waistcoats@ 10:34pm 05-24-2012
Hi does anyone know who makes waistcoats and for how much please?? Need one for a 5 year old and a 9/10 year old. Thanks x
Hi @ 10:14pm 05-24-2012
does any one know how to make those dolls on the computer in the troupe dresses or someone who can create one for me please.
Hf@ 9:05am 05-24-2012
We are looking for girls old or new, we are a very succesful dance troop we practise at dorset road community centre hagfold ,atherton, babies, dinkies,dinkie b and junior b mondays and tinie ,junior, senior, wednesdays so if you can dance give us a chance
hi@ 6:03pm 05-20-2012
any results 2day from all orgs
Chaz@ 8:24pm 05-13-2012
Wats ur org like plz x
to dancer@ 4:47pm 05-08-2012
Dancer@ 6:58pm 05-07-2012
Does anyone know that site where newda and lyndale are getting slated? Can't find the site
TRY@ 1:55pm 05-03-2012
any @ 9:06pm 04-29-2012
results plz
ohh@ 10:29pm 04-28-2012
heck its all kicking off
good luck@ 2:48pm 04-28-2012
to all pb dancing at nwda

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